What is RDI?

As I don’t meet too many other RDI families in real life, I often find myself explaining what exactly it is and what we do. I wish I had cute little cards with the RDI website address and a few key quotes on them. Seriously. So I love when I find another good description as in this blog, Rainy But Clearing

It’s a program that aims to re-teach normal child development. It aims to build new pathways in the brain. It aims to teach the thinking skills required in our crazy, messy world.

She quotes an older interview with Dr. Gutstein:

“With mental illness, you’re fixing broken minds; with autism, you’re creating a mind.”

“While many characteristics of ASD seem to improve with time and/or instruction, the conventional wisdom has been that experience-sharing deficits are lifelong and resistant to treatment. We reject that notion.”

“Rather than engaging in repetitive, rote-memory exercises typical of behavioral interventions, children in the RDI program rake leaves, prune trees, buy groceries, fix car engines and otherwise share the simple joys of everyday experiences with their parents.”

Love it!

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    • Hi Kathy!! I think you mean the blockquote? It’s a formatting option in WordPress and that’s how this theme interprets it. I was happy to find it, too.

    • Thanks Cecily, I’ve been reading your blog forward as it parallels where we’re going. Great stuff! I just read some of your latest posts and it’s nice to see how wonderful Bright Eyes is doing. I’m sure it’s because of the years of hard work from a great mom!

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