Our Week in RDI — Late September 2012 Edition

We’ve been focusing on engagement with Zip. As the Guide, we are not instructing or showing exactly how to do something. RDI explains the Guide state of mind as “a combination of feeling fully mentally engaged, yet also relaxed and open to making new discoveries and not having to perform in a specific manner.” An Engagement should always have some element of uncertainty or challenge. Even the Guide does not know exactly how the engagement will play out.

Basically we’re trying to engage with him several times a day in an authentic way. He’s been making it difficult as he tries so hard to control every interaction. He wants to be with us, demands attention from us, but on his terms. We are trying to turn everyday interactions into opportunities for turn-taking. We can take turns singing songs, doing fingerplays, eating together, brushing our teeth together, etc.

This week, Zip was rather resistant to turn-taking. He can be very possessive with objects so that is where I had the most trouble.  We took turns putting plastic magnetic letters into a clean mayonnaise jar. He was really not impressed with this idea until I showed him how it dumps out. He loves anything that is like confetti. Zip rushed through the turn-taking part and I had to be careful that he didn’t just take the letter out of my hand on my turn. Clearly, an area that we’ll continue to focus on.

We continued to work on everyday activities like loading laundry. Zip is great with assembly-line but doesn’t seem to notice when I switch to turn-taking. I think I need to slow down and pause to highlight more.

I’m due for an in-person appointment with our consultant. She’s great and we get alot done. I’m sure she’ll have some ideas on working on this objective.

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  1. Hi, good post, sounds like we are in similar places with our kiddies! My madam likes to control most interactions too, just going to try make a simple pizza with her now!

    • Hi Kats – Let me know how it goes. It’s a little frustrating, isn’t it? I know we’ll get through this because I know others who have.

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